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FOOD – Give yourself a treat

“When you’re down and troubled and you need some loving care,” instead of calling your friend to commiserate as advised by Carole King, treat yourself and your friend to lunch at the One-Ninety Restaurant of the Four Seasons Singapore.


In true Four Seasons hospitality, I was showered with such “loving care” by the waiting staff that I felt bad for not polishing off all of my trout, fearing I would hurt the feelings of the chef. But I couldn’t resist the appetizers and you know how a bit of this and a bit of that adds up. Plus, I had to reserve room for dessert which turned out to be irresistible – just look at the photos!

Suffice it to say that the ambience of the One-Ninety Restaurant will make you feel so cossetted, you wish lunch would drag on. But no such luck. By 3pm, the appetizer and dessert buffet (available from Mon-Sat with a choice of main course) is cleared, and one must return to the hard, cruel world. I’m not describing the spread in detail like a food blogger would because 1) I don’t eat meat and missed all the luscious cuts, and 2) I tend to be more enamoured with the look and feel of places.


In deference to my expanding waistline, I held back at the dessert table, restricting myself (sob) to just a scoop of old-fashioned goodies – bread-and-butter pudding, red velvet cake, and trifle. All were excellent, so thank goodness the appetisers and desserts were whisked away like Cinderella’s coach before I could give in to temptation. Really, an elegant escape for girlfriends, lovers or to impress a business contact.