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FUN – Wine, Vernon and Song

The Wine Arcade at the quiet end of Mackenzie Road closed on Saturday, 9 November and will only reopen when the entire block is refurbished. The building is rather ancient and like everything old in Singapore, it will either make way for a condominium, shopping mall or office block, or be relegated a heritage site and preserved. We’re lucky if it’s the latter.


My photos are pathetic because I couldn’t find the flash on my camera phone last night – probably the result of too much wine. But a good time was had by all with boogying on tables and enthusiastic singing-along to Vernon Cornelius’s rendition of old-time hits that gave away the vintage of the patrons. Besides lovely bossa-nova and jazz numbers with great guitar work by Tony and Ted, Vernon had the house roaring with Teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini and The Young Ones.


If these make you nostalgic, do watch out for when the Wine Arcade opens its doors again – they have no idea whether it will be in 3 or 5 months but definitely it will be 2014. Hopefully, Vernon and band will still be playing on Saturdays.

in the meantime, Vernon will be appearing with Riem de Wolff (half of The Blue Diamonds, famous for the song Ramona) at the Press Club Ball on 23 Nov 2013.