Can do!

Actually, it’s not at all easy retrieving the can you’ve been kicking down the road.

During the ongoing City Harvest Church trial, the Deputy Public Prosecutor accused a witness of “kicking the can of the debt down the road”.

It means to put off solving a problem or dealing with an issue. The expression conjures such apt imagery for the procrastinating we’re all guilty of. Whether it’s clearing the storeroom or delivering unwelcome news, many of us tend to drag our feet, hoping for someone else to take over or for the problem to resolve itself.

Top image:


can 3

So, what’s the personal can you’ve been pushing along? Excess weight, credit card debt, dead-end job, disintegrating relationship, hoarding habit, health check-up, making a Will/LPA, smoking cessation, moral dilemma, depression… The last is not a can, more a dark cloud threatening to envelop sufferers. But there is a can tied to depression, and that is seeking help, or facing reality.


can crush

A counsellor will tell you to bring your cans to a compactor, cry while they’re crushed, and know they’re going to a better place. Easier said than done.

I’m as guilty as everyone else, so I can relate to all fellow can-kickers. My can probably has some cement in it. It’s stubbed my toe but I’ve still managed to kick it to the next street. But never mind. Along the way, I’ve found another can to kick as a distraction.

And that’s the problem. A can collection can be a menace to anyone in the vicinity, impeding the flow of your life and tripping you as you try to distance yourself from the clanking tin.

Do you have one big can or several small ones? When are you going to pick them up? Many of us will continue kicking cans till the end of our journey, but it sure does ruin good shoes!


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