Reflections – So smart

When I asked for the Nokia Lumia 925 a few months ago, the telco service executive asked three times whether I was absolutely certain that was what I wanted. He couldn’t believe his ears when other customers were opting for the usual suspects – Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy.

My son talked me into buying the Nokia Lumia when I was looking for a smart phone. He’s a faithful Lumia fan, extolling its virtues despite Nokia, of late seeming to have lost its hip quotient. He loves the design and features, and the attention to detail.

I must say I have no regrets after four months of Lumia gazing. It’s user-friendly and the camera has been all I’ve needed for shots of our pets, plants, holidays and for this blog. With the built-in Microsoft Office, it syncs with office mail and all my work appointments are updated with reminders dogging my day.


The worst thing about it is the frequency at which new models appear. For instance, the Lumia 1520 comes with a bigger screen (6”) with a 20MP PureView camera, optical image stabilization enable sharp images evening he dark (some of my photos in this blog could have been better if I had this). Dang!

Also, better audio with four microphones. There’s also a 1320 with something called MixRadio that is configured for ad-free music. I don’t care as I don’t need it but the maps and free cloud storage feature sounds useful. Pre-orders start from 27 November 2013, so if you’re shopping for a phone, it’s truly worth considering.

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